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What Is Footwearhiker?

Greetings from Footwearhike!

It’s a place for every shoe lover looking for specialized running, working, outdoor and casual shoes. The site is operated by many footwear enthusiasts, industry specialists, sportspeople, and many more who love sharing their wisdom with people and helping them maintain healthy feet.

All of our team members are working hard, analyzing different brands of shoes and researching the overall market to find the best shoes for you according to your need. We review different footwear types to help you pick the best shoes and boots for the money.

Our primary target is to make sure that you’re well informed before getting a pair of shoes. Whether you’re getting shoes or boots for a man or woman, yourself or someone else, we have the perfect buying guide for you to follow.

Who We Are?

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler is the mastermind of this site. He created this site to help people who need specialized shoes for different activities. By profession, Steven is a businessman currently operating a chain shop of shoe selling. Before starting his business, he was a renowned sportsperson in his country who won several national trophies as a runner in the sports of running.

After taking his retirement from the sports, he starts this business. From the beginning of his sports career, he had a deep interest in shoes. During that time, he researched shoes for his sports purpose, and he trialed more than 1000 shoes of different brands to find the best ones for his feet. The passion he had for shoes at that time now turned into his profession.

To operate this site, Steven hired many footwear enthusiasts, industry specialists, sportspeople, and many more who love sharing their wisdom with people and helping them maintain healthy feet.

George C. Stocks

George is the chief editor of this site, Foot wear hiker. He’s an industry specialist who has been working for a renowned shoe brand as a quality in charge for more than 17 years. So there is hardly anything that he doesn’t know about shoes.  His experience and knowledge about shoes are the core reason he is on our team as a chief editor. Moreover, he is also the man who is responsible for guiding our research and investigation team in their product research and survey.

Alfred B. Maly

Alfred is a research writer and head of our content development team. He completed his graduation in English Literature, Linguistics, and Journalism. And he chose writing as a profession about 12 years ago. In the meantime, he worked for many magazines, news agencies, websites, and online portals. He has a great skill in writing, and he can make things very simple, informative, and uncomplicated for the readers.

Our Review Process

Every shoe that we have reviewed on our site comes through a well-organized procedure. First, we split our team members into individual groups and assigned them a particular task. We go through a step-by-step process.

Start with the market investigation and product research and end with a complete buying guideline. In between, we identify the product’s core features and select the final product according to that. Our editorial team analyzes the chosen products and studies the real-buyers reviews of these products, and ranks them based on their uniqueness and characteristics.

Our product review process mainly focuses on the top products of the best brands that their customers highly accept. This procedure helps us pick the latest product currently ruling the market.

Editorial Guidelines

To maintain the higher standard, we have made an editorial guideline, and our team members strictly follow that. This is because our ultimate goal is to guide you to the right product according to your need with accurate information. Moreover, editorial guideline strategy is developed to ensure that none of our content is out of its topic, and it also makes sure that they are easy to understand and free from error.

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