Are Birkenstocks Good for Flat Feet?

Birkenstocks footwear is one of the best shoes and environmentally friendly, but the question pops out: are Birkenstocks good for flat feet?

Yes! They are perfect for every foot, especially for flat feet. The Birkenstocks are comfortable to wear, go with any outfit, and don’t squash your feet. Also, it is made from the Suede lining, and it has two Jute layers, cork and latex footbed, which makes it long-lasting, and gives space to feet and toes. However, it has wide varieties available in leather and birko-flor synthetic material to provide you with skin-friendly shoes.

Therefore, we have mentioned why Birkenstocks are better for flat feet and what material they have used to make this environmentally friendly footwear. Keep reading to know more.

Why Are Birkenstocks Good for Flat Feet? Detailed Explanation!

Birkenstocks are extended-lasting, support the arch, and have classic sandals that look like flip-flops.

However, many things changed, but Birkenstock’s quality didn’t. It remains the same material cork, and suede provides sturdiness and supports shorter to your foot. The extra point is that it goes with any outfit and is easy to wear in and out.

Are Birkenstocks Good for Flat Feet

Also, the extra padding Birkenstocks helps you balance and prevent back pain and overpronation (flat feet).

It has a foot structure that supports you and gives you the feeling that the shoes are working for you. Here we have mentioned why Birkenstocks work best for your flat feet.

Arch Support

Let us describe how our bodies and feet work differently—the total body weight handled by our feet. When young, your feet or ankle flexibility is good enough to play sports and other activities. But as you grow older, the flexibility decreases, and that’s why most people suffer from flat feet pain.

Arch Support

If you go to the podiatrist’s clinic for foot pain complications, they will prescribe you stiff shoes and orthotics. Also, you must replace it repeatedly for the rest of your life.

However, if you think deeply, our feet are no different from our body structures, muscles, fascia, tendons, and ligaments. So, it’s better to take arch support, but what else could we do?

Give your feet arch support that Birkenstocks provide for nerves and muscles in your feet. And it’s made from natural ingredients, which means it makes your feet feel like you are barefoot. As Study reports that “feet get strong if you use minimalistic shoes and walk in them.”

Foot Mobility

Birkenstocks also give your feet a fixed position that perfectly holds your sole foot area. It limits the bending and flexing ability of your feet while walking so that your feet’ joints are robust enough to give you a long and active life.

Also, our foot has thirty-three joints for continuous movement and makes balancing our body effortlessly. However, it creates a boundary to using your joints’ mobility and prevents pain and injury.

That’s why Birkenstocks shoes are the best choice as they decrease, don’t stop the ability to bend your toes. The arch design is given to stiffen and flatten then other shoes. It also supports the balancing system in your body as you walk. That’s why you will get back the ground-up stability throughout your life.

However, Birkenstock has a thick sole and arch that limits your foot mobility. It will weaken your masculating foot, such as the ankles, pelvic floor, glutes, knees, and hips.

Toes Grip and space

Do you know Birkenstock, one of the favorite sandals, are slides because they are easy to wear and match the casual look?

Toes Grip and space

Your gait can be affected if the shoes aren’t secure enough, leading to gripping or shuffling problems. It provides optimal mobility by securing your feet with a strap, so they won’t come out from your feet while you walk. But it has no back ankle strap as it is breathable and gives comfort.

Also, the Birkenstocks’ footwear molds according to the foot shape, so your toes don’t squash. That makes these shoes better than others, as they provide barefoot shoe shapes and drives the cramped feet will disappear.


Many people experience heel and toe pain, so Birkenstocks provide zero drop sandals so that your toes and heel are on a similar elevation or level. This makes it unique because not many shoes offer this facility.

Many supportive shoes should have this feature to spread the weight equally on foot rather than in high heels, orthotic shoes, or sneakers. It feels like you are walking on your toes only.

However, this shoe’s specific trait benefits your spine health and overall alignment. Plus, many shoes have a bit lifted heel and put all the weight on your toes which are harmful to the feet, spine, and overall body.

How to Make Birkenstocks More Comfortable for Flat Feet?

If you have severely flat feet pain, you will struggle in the beginning when you wear Birkenstocks footwear. However, it takes some days or weeks to get settled according to your foot shape.

How to Make Birkenstocks More Comfortable for Flat Feet

Additionally, if you are in the early stage of flat feet, you can quickly wear these shoes without any trouble. But, we have mentioned some tricks if you are going through severe flat feet pain.

  • Perfect size: When you buy Birkenstock, ensure that you are purchasing the ideal size, as people like to buy a size more significant than the actual. Also, a little narrow and broad makes a difference as it can worsen your pain.
  • Straps: It doesn’t have a back ankle strap, so it won’t tighten your foot because tight shoes might stop your blood circulation. However, it gives a proper gap between feet and shoe.
  • Cork: Birkenstock has many cork options, so you must find one that suits your feet for arch support.
  • Time limit: You can wear these sandals as long as you want, but if you suffer from severe flat feet pain, you must wear them for 30 to 40 minutes until they mold according to your feet shape.
  • Longevity: It provides long-lasting footwear, but if the insole breaks, you can buy it from Birkenstock as it sells them separately. Moreover, it is perfect for flat feet. You must buy these and time limit until it takes heel shape ideally.
  • Try it: After buying the sandals, you must flex them inwards and outwards to make them comfortable according to your feet a few times.

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There are many unsolved questions that you may have. That’s why we have mentioned the most asked questions about Birkenstock sandals.

1. Are Birkenstocks suitable for long walks?

It has a footbed made from cork that makes you feel softened with a flat arch that supports you when you walk. Also, perfect for long walks while you step on the beach, do daily chores, or wander around. If you have flat feet but love to travel, choose Birkenstock as it equally spreads the pressure on the feet.

2. What makes Birkenstock unique?

The longevity, this sandal is made from natural material but still serves better durability than other sandals. It has a unique footbed that makes them create shape according to yours as you walk in, then they get mold according to your foot.

Also, they make thick soles, suede uppers, and leathers that give durability, and you can use them for a longer run.

3. Why do Birkenstocks get smelly?

Yes! it gets smelly if you don’t clean regularly. Make sure you clean your pair regularly, or it will start stinking. However, Birkenstocks smell because it absorbs sweat from their natural materials. But when you wash them, they will be good as new.

Bottom Line

Now that we are at the end of this write-up, “are Birkenstocks good for flat feet?” We believe you have your answer now. Undoubtedly, Birkenstock serves good-quality sandals that are perfect for flat feet. You must try Birkenstocks if you have flat feet because it offers mobility, arch support, and comfort.

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