Do Hey Dudes Have Arch Support?

Those who love Hey Dudes come with a common question, “Do Hey Dudes have arch support?”

Well, yes, they do!  Hey Dudes, have a wally design, epitome lightweight with optimum comfort, and most importantly, premium supporting your arch. And the thing that makes these shoes unique is that their soles are made from EVA, and the insoles are made from memory foam for flexibility and bounciness while you move.

So, want to figure out more about this elegant shoe brand? Continue reading till the end.

Everything You Need To Know About Do Hey Dudes Have Arch Support

Now we will be discussing everything about arch support of Hey Dudes, so keep reading.

What Makes Hey Dudes Best for Arch Support and Feet Comfort?

The design of the Hey Dudes ensures a proper arch system for your feet. Plus, it has an insole that offers an excellent balance needed to have a healthy foot. However, there are other benefits too that we explained throughout this section.

Do Hey Dudes Have Arch Support

Optimum Arch Support

Hey Dudes, offers optimum arch support for your feet, especially for people suffering from Planter fasciitis (heel pain). The shoe is made from memory foam that supports your arch properly and makes it more comfortable for daily wear.

These astounding shoes are not thick or uncomfortable and are perfect for a relaxing experience.

Ultra Wide Size

Hey Dudes has an ultra-wide and fitting size that will perfectly fit you and provide the best casual walk experience. These footwears primarily come in two soles, and you can pick the one that fits your needs.|

  • Eva sole’s with farty style
  • Wendy or Wally styles with Ridgelight soles.


They have the most outstanding slip-resistant outsoles that provide the right foot traction and keep your arch firm. Moreover, the shoes even have a non-slip gripping feature that provides stability while walking on wet surfaces.

In contrast, you can say Hey Dudes outstands most of the recognized shoe brands in terms of their slip-resistant feature.

Highly Supportive Insoles

It has supportive insoles that work wonders with flat foot problems. The Flex and Fold technology make insoles more supportive for flat feet and arch support. Soft soles help relieve pain from the foot, support the arch, and are also perfect for plantar fasciitis.

Moreover, the structure on the insoles is elevated from the heel, which helps to strain the midsole to protect your feet.

Customizing Option

If you are not comfortable with your Hey Dudes shoes, then you can customize them with orthotics, which works perfectly well. That’s not all; shoes with flat feet should have a lacing feature, and Hey Dudes’ wally range provides that optimum laces system.

This allows you to make adjustments and even makes sure you have more stability while walking.

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Keep Your Hey Dudes Shoes Clean: A Step-By-Step Process

Hey Dudes, made from a cotton woven material, can get dirty quickly if not cleaned or maintained. Here we have provided a step-by-step guide on cleaning and keeping your Hey Dudes shining.

  • Step-1: Use a soft bristle brush to clean the dust or dirt.
  • Step-2: Take out the insoles and laces as laces may get tangled, and memory wash can be ruined in the wash.
  • Step-3: You must handwash the laces and insoles to clean them, use detergent or shoe cleaner, and leave them dry in a flat area.
  • Step-4:  Set your washer in a gentle or hand wash cycle.
  • Step-5: Use liquid detergent in a small amount as powder might ruin the shoe’s material.
  • Step-6: Washer should be set on a delicate cycle with a cold water combination to maintain your shoe longevity and prevent wrapping or shrinking.
  • Step-7: To soak moisture, don’t use a dryer. It may lead Hey Dudes to wrap and shrink, so it’s better not to use a dryer; instead, put them somewhere they can dry in the air.

Note: Don’t wash your shoes with clothes, but you can use towels that are not in use so that they can balance the load.

Make sure not to use bleach and direct sunlight as it can damage the fabric. Also, washing can help to kill bacteria, but a drying sheet can be an effective way for lingering odors.

If you are not a fan of washers, you can wash them with your hands.

  • Soft bristle brush and clean it before washing.
  • Put some cold water and dish soap on your shoes.
  • Scrub the shoes until you are satisfied with the results.
  • Rinse them with cold, clean water.
  • Let them dry in an airy place.

However, if you want to deodorize inside of the Hey Dudes, use baking soda in cloth, tie it carefully, and put it in the shoes. Please don’t use it for cleaning purposes.


Most people have a relatable question about Hey Dudes, so here we have mentioned some relatable answers about Hey Dudes that you must know.

1. Are Hey Dudes shoes waterproof?

Hey Dudes is not usually waterproof as they have canvas material. Moreover, Hey Dudes floats on water as their soles are made from EVA, but due to their lightweight fabric, it does dry quickly.

2. How to tie the laces of Hey Dudes shoes?

You must remember three simple steps whenever you tie the laces to have a perfect fit. You need to untie the knots from both sides of the shoe, put the lace in a desirable position and tie the knot to secure the grip so that it won’t loosen the lace.

3. How to find the accurate Hey Dudes size?

Hey Dudes come in full size. However, if you have been wearing half size, we recommend buying a size bigger than yours.

But don’t go overboard as it can stretch out because it is made from woven cotton, so you must size down. Also, it has a rounded toe box that offers a little extra space for your toes than regular tennis shoes.

Bottom Line

Now that you know, do Hey Dudes have arch support, and what are the benefits of buying these durable shoes? Hence, it won’t be hard for you to make the right decision. These shoes are getting popular among the young generation due to their color, style, and comfort.

However, chilling around the lake or running doesn’t matter. It will help you with any work and support the arch.

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